About PreviMedica

PreviMedica is innovating health care delivery by providing practitioners with technologies for telehealth and digital patient care. 

With the combination of telehealth, data informed health status and tracking, laboratory analysis, and a nationwide network of health care practitioners, PreviMedica enables provider and patient connection and comprehensive digital care programs to improve individual health. 

We believe the future of individual health is an intersection of lifestyle approaches to health care, data informed individual health awareness, healthy decision making and the bridging of telehealth with clinical settings.

We promote individual health literacy 

The individual is the most important member of the health care team.  Our goal is to help individuals become knowledgeable and informed about their personal health needs.  

Accessible Expertise

We’re growing a telehealth network including the nation’s leading food and nutrition experts, enable convenient access to evidence based nutrition guidance translated into practical recommendations for measurable health change.


Human Centered Technology

The unique telehealth web system including health metrics, lab result dashboard, HIPAA compliant interaction, fundamental nutrition and health education tutorials, and community participation, allows health information to come full circle and provide all multidisciplinary team members address the key factor – health. 

Driven by clinical evidence, best practices and data

An individual’s current and future health can be measured, allowing for both individuals and practitioners to intelligently move away from malady and towards health.


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