All About Spinach

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Spinach is originally from the Middle East and didn’t make its way to America until around the 8th century.  It is prized for it’s vibrant green color and it’s nutrient dense leaves full of vitamins A, C, and of course, Popeye’s favorite – iron.

Where do I look for it?

You can find spinach canned, fresh, or frozen.  Loose leaves of baby spinach is popular for salads while “heads” of more mature spinach can be found where the lettuce is stored in the grocery store.

Ways to Eat:

Fresh spinach can be eaten raw, steamed, sauteed, blended into a smoothie, and cooked or baked into a dish.  Canned and frozen spinach are best incorporated into a dish or sauce since the texture will be a bit different than that of fresh.


Spinach is an incredibly versatile leafy green that is relatively mild in flavor.   Because of this it is very easy to incorporate into a dish to make it more nutritious.  Toss it into your favorite tomato sauce, pasta, salad, smoothie, or on top of pizza!  Here are some of our favorite recipes:

  1. Keep it simple with garlic and a touch of butter or olive oil
  2. Seasonal ingredients make this salad a delicious summertime treat!
  3. Add some spinach to traditional basil pesto to bulk up the nutritional content.

Nutritional Benefits:


Our Nutritionists Say:

“I love adding spinach to my marinara sauce, it adds bulk and a beautiful green color throughout…not to mention it’s much more nutritious than just plain tomato sauce!”

-Stefanie Gates, Culinary Advisor


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