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Apricots are close relatives to the peach and are only in season for a short amount of time through June and July.  They are highly perishable and typically will keep in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.  They can range in color from light yellow to a deep burnt orange and when halved, a ripe apricot’s pit should fall out.  Since they are so highly perishable, they are more often found dried.  The roasted pits of apricots are often used to flavor liqueurs and confections, as the raw pit is poisonous.

Where do I look for apricots?

You can find fresh apricots in the grocery store produce section through the months of June and July.  You can find dried apricots year round in the grocery store’s dried fruit section.

Ways to Eat:

Apricots are a delicacy among many people. They have a mild and sweet flavor that complements higher fat foods well.  Eat them plain, in a sauce, dried and in granola bars and trail mix.


Seasonal apricots and blackberries make this salad a must of these hot summer days.

Keep it simple with these grilled apricots topped with brie and prosciutto.

This apricot fruit salsa is something different to top your corn chip with.

Nutritional Benefits:

Our Nutritionists Say:

“Apricots are deliciously simple and make a great addition to a salad or even just grilled.”

-Stefanie Gates, Culinary Advisor


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