All Things Banana – Happy National Banana Day!

Freshly picked selection:


Bananas are grown in hot, humid climates and are available year round.  Each banana bush takes about 15 months to mature and in their lifetime will grow approximately 50 pounds of bananas. Bananas are a unique fruit in that they are the only fruit to develop better flavor when ripened off the banana bush.

What to look for when purchasing:

Depending on when you would like to eat it, choose bananas that are yellow with a bit of green on the ridges and near the tips so they can continue to ripen at home.  They are ready to consume when they have tiny brown spots and all traces of green are gone.  Avoid bananas that have blemishes and shriveled skin; this indicates they are over ripe.

How to store:

Bananas should be left to ripen at room temperature.  Once ripe, they can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.  The peel will turn brown but the flesh will remain creamy white.  If expedited ripening is desired, place bananas in a paper bag and seal.


The most popular variety of bananas consumed in the U.S. are Cavendish bananas.  Unfortunately, this particular variety is threatened to extinction due to a fungus that is wiping out the banana bushes in South America.  There are many other varieties available, but they all vary in flavor and texture from starchy and bland to overly sweet and firm.

Nutritional Benefits:


Bananas are a great addition to baking, smoothies, pancakes, and even ice cream!

Banana Egg Pancakes contain only two ingredients are are oh-so-sweet.

This one ingredient Banana Ice Cream is perfect for those avoiding sugar.  We promise it turns out just like ice cream!

This naturally sweetened Banana Pumpkin Bread is delicious and perfect for breakfast or even a snack.

If you find yourself with over ripe bananas, think about making this Banana Bread that is ALWAYS a hit with the kids!

Our Chefs & Nutritionists Say:

“Bananas are a miracle ingredient.  They provide sweetness, glue, moisture, and structure to any recipe they are added to.”

-Stefanie Gates, Chef & Culinary Advisor for PreviMedica


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