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Carrots are actually a member of the parsley family with their green leafy tops, though most people only eat the orange root part.

When it’s in season:


What to look for when purchasing:

If you are buying carrots with the green tops you want to make sure the leaves are bright green. Carrots should be firm and smooth. Avoid carrots that have cracks.

            How to store:         

If you purchase carrots with green tops, remove the tops as soon as possible as it can rob the roots of moisture and vitamins. It is best to store carrots in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Be sure to wash carrots well. Most people peel them but the skin is edible.


There are many different varieties of carrots. Orange is of course the most familiar, but there are rainbow carrots that are maroon, white, or purple, as well as baby carrots.

How to prepare:

Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked. You can eat them with the peel on or you can peel them, if you prefer.  They are delicious raw, steamed, or roasted.

 Nutritional Benefits:


Recipes to try:

Carrots are rarely, if ever, part of breakfast but with this overnight oats recipe from BeWholeBeYou you will be hooked on having veggies for breakfast.

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

We love this carrot cilantro soup from Pritikin Longevity Center . It has very simple ingredients, but is packed full of flavor.

Carrot Cilantro Soup 

Carrots are delicious when roasted, as it brings out their sweetness. This roasted carrot recipe from adds a tasty spin to roasted carrots.

Roasted Carrot with Orange & Ginger

Our Chefs Say:

“My favorite way to eat carrots is steamed and then drizzled with a little bit of honey and some fresh thyme.” –Megan, Chef RD

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