All Things Cranberry

Freshly picked selection:


Cranberries (or craneberries) grow on very low trailing vines in large sandy bogs.  They grow wild in North America and northern Europe but are extensively cultivated in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Washington, and Oregon.  They are best enjoyed blended with other sweet fruits to offset their tartness.

What to look for when purchasing:

Cranberries should be bright red without any blemishes or discolorations.  Avoid berries that are shriveled.

How to store:

Store tightly wrapped fresh cranberries in the refrigerator for up to two months or freeze for up to one year.


You can find cranberries fresh, frozen, canned, and dried.  If purchasing dried, look for cranberries without any added sulfites and minimal added sugar.

Nutritional Benefit:


This Cranberry Balsamic Chicken will be your new go-to weeknight dinner.

If you love slow-cooker recipes, this Cranberry Orange Turkey Breast is for you!

Many recipes contain dried cranberries, but this Energy Bite recipe in particular is always a hit with the little ones!

Our Chef’s & Nutritionists Say:

“In addition to cranberry sauce, try making a chutney, pie, tart, or cobbler.  This way you can enjoy cranberries year round instead of just in the winter time!”

-Stefanie Gates, Culinary Advisor


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