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Originally known as Yang Tao, the kiwi fruit originated in China.  Chinese missionaries brought these unique tasting fruits to New Zealand and they were soon after renamed Chinese gooseberry in the 1960s. Once they were popularized in the United States, their name changed once again to the Kiwifruit, paying homage to the national bird of New Zealand, the Kiwi.

What to look for when purchasing:

Kiwis are available year round.  California-grown kiwis are available November through May and New Zealand kiwis are available June through October. Kiwis should be about 3 inches in diameter with brown fuzzy skin.  The skin should be smooth and not wrinkled.  When you press on the flesh, it should give mildly.  If it is hard, much like an avocado, it needs time to ripen.

How to store:

Kiwis should be left at room temperature to ripen, but can be stored in the refrigerator as well. Consuming a perfectly ripe fruit will yield the most nutritional value.


 California and New Zealand

Nutritional Benefit:

What have we done with kiwifruit?

Check out our recipe for this delicious Kiwi-licious Smoothie.


Watch how we peel a kiwifruit with a spoon here.


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