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Limes are small green citrus fruits that are similar in shape to a lemon.  They have a thin outer skin and 8 segments like other citrus fruits.  Limes were given to British sailors to prevent scurvy because of their high vitamin C content.  The Persian lime is the variety seen in most grocery stores while the Florida Key Lime is found throughout Florida, and some specialty stores outside of Florida.  Limes are grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

What do I look for?

Limes should have thin bright green skin that lightly gives when pressed.  Choose limes that feel heavy for their size.  Avoid limes that have hard dense skin.  Limes that have brown patches (scald) won’t affect their flavor.

Ways to Eat:

While limes are a delicious accompaniment and flavor enhancer, they are generally not eaten individually due to their acidity.  Add lime juice or zest to tacos, smoothies, beverages, soups…the list goes on.  Their natural acidity adds brightness to any dish you add it to.


This Roast Chicken with Scallion, Ginger, and Lime blends bright flavors for a delicious weeknight meal.

Who says you have to cook rice in water?  This Coconut Lime Rice is the perfect accompaniment to a fruit salsa and grilled protein such as chicken or steak.

These Vegan Mini Key Lime Pie’s are the perfect healthy play on Key Lime Pie.

Nutritional Benefits:


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