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Mint has a history of being a symbol of hospitality based in Greek mythology.

When it’s in season:

June – August

What to look for when purchasing:

Choose leaves that are evenly colored with no sign of wilting.

        How to store:         

Store a bunch of mint, stems down, in a glass of water with a plastic bag over it to keep them as fresh as possible. Refrigerate for up to a week, changing the water every 2 days.


There are over 30 species of mint with the most popular being peppermint and spearmint. Peppermint is more pungent and has bright green leaves, whereas spearmint has leaves that are gray-green and have a milder flavor.

Nutritional Benefits:  


How to prepare:

Mint is used in both sweet and savory dishes and drinks. It is typically enjoyed fresh but can be found in cooked dishes as well.

Recipes to try:

Mint adds a nice refreshing flavor to this smoothie from 3 Boys Un-Processed.

Vanilla Mint Green Smoothie 

This sweet potato side dish from Healthy Seasonal Recipes is packed full of flavor.

Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Curry and Mint

For something a little bit heartier, but equally full of flavor, try these meatballs from Plating Pixels.

Greek Turkey Meatballs with Cucumber Mint Sauce

Mint leans mostly to Mediterranean taste and spices and is a perfect complement to this lentil salad from Kalyns Kitchen.

Lebanese Lentil Salad

Our Nutritionists Say:

“I love mint! I always add it when I make meatballs! One of my favorite foods growing up were meatballs, and my dad knew that, so naturally he always made them and he added mint (I think most Greeks do) so now I do too. Also, we can’t forget about mojitos, the second best way I enjoy mint!  And when my tummy is upset or I get a random headache peppermint oil works wonders.”

-Basilia Theofilou, Nutrition Advisor



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