All Things Pear

Freshly picked selection:


800px-Eight_varieties_of_pearsUnlike most fruit, pears actually get better once they have been picked. Their flavor and texture improves as they ripen once off the tree.

When it’s in season:

July to early spring.

What to look for when purchasing:

Choose pears that are free of bruises and fragrant.


There are over 5000 varieties of pears grown in the world. They range in color and flavor. The most common are Asian, Barlett, Bosc and Comice.

How to store:

Pears should be stored at room temperature until ripe. They should be refrigerated as soon as they are ripe.

How to prepare:

Pears are typically eaten raw and the skin and flesh is edible. If you peel the skin, the pear will brown fairly quickly. Pears can also be cooked or canned.

Nutritional Benefit:



Have you ever had pear sauce? It’s like applesauce, but tastier. A Savory Feast combines the two together for a perfect little treat. Add cinnamon for an added fall flavor.

Pear & Apple Sauce

For a unique breakfast option, in this recipe they pair pears with ginger and golden raisins. Sure to wake up your taste buds!

Quinoa Porridge with Pears & Ginger

Pears are often used in spinach salads alongside nuts for a nice fall taste. The Recipe Critic tops it with a lemon poppyseed dressing, which is sure to be a hit. Watching your sugar intake? Just use plain roasted walnuts instead of the candied ones and eliminate the sugar in the dressing.

Candied Walnut and Pear Salad

If you are looking for a way to enjoy pears in an entree, try this pork recipe from Iowa Girl Eats.

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Cranberry Pear Sauce

Our Chefs & Nutritionists Say:

“I love poached pears! They are very easy to make and are a gorgeous dessert for the holidays. You simply boil peeled pears in red wine and spices, and serve with a dollop of vanilla yogurt. ” – Megan Huard, Chef RD


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