Behind The Scenes With Previ Culinary: Creating a Menu

The kick-off for the CSS wellness program was a day full of hustle and bustle. From the Previ Culinary side, it was a welcomed outlet to let our creativity shine through, and such fun to have a live audience to cook for.  What made it even more fun was making some unique dishes that most people wouldn’t think about making on a daily basis.  

When planning a menu for our friends at CSS, we thought about foods that people love, but also about foods that can be intimidating to prepare.  We wanted to create a well-balanced menu, while also breaking down some common misconceptions about cooking dairy and gluten free (for those who might be dealing with food sensitivities). When you are changing the foods in your life that give you comfort, it can feel like you’re giving up a lot.  Finding a healthy substitution that gives you that same comfort, well that’s just amazing! These are the types of things we kept in mind when creating a menu for the CSS participants, and also what we aim to offer all of our clients. The menu we selected was:

Massaged Kale Salad with Creamy Lemon Vinaigrette (click for recipe)

Cashew Cream Gluten Free Mac N’ Cheese (click for recipe)

Avocado Chocolate Mousse (click for recipe)


We really wanted to make a kale salad, as we hear time and time again that people don’t eat it because it’s too tough or bitter. A tip: By massaging the kale, you release the water inside of it creating a softer, more palatable, and less bitter green. The salad dressing was the perfect complement, and we enjoyed showing everyone that making your own dressing at home isn’t as hard as they think!


The Cashew Cream Mac N’ Cheese had a few people worried. When eating dairy free, it is thought that a beloved favorite such as Mac N’ Cheese is off the menu forever.  This recipe recreates the cheese sauce using cashews as a base along with some other spices that comes pretty close to tasting like a cheese sauce.  It is also a great vegan alternative.  Add it to gluten free pasta and you have a wonderful combination that will make you forget about the boxed stuff.

dairy_free_chocolate_mousseThe avocado chocolate mousse was a huge hit.  Using pureed avocado as a base and adding in honey, cocoa powder, and dairy free milk created a creamy and light dessert that you can feel good about eating. This was definitely the crowd favorite, and who can blame them? Everyone loves chocolate!

Creating a menu that contained plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats was our mission.  The second mission was to make it all taste delicious.  We had such a good time cooking for everyone and would venture to say that our food was a hit!  

We are so excited to continue sharing our culinary adventures with you all. Look forward to recipe posts, cooking videos, and so much more. If you are interested in learning how to cook or about specific cooking concepts or techniques, we would love to help! Schedule a video appointment with a PreviMedica Culinary Advisor by calling 855.773.8463 or emailing

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