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PreviMedica’s Holiday Eating Survival Guide


No matter what the occasion, holidays always seem to revolve around sharing food.  Whether it’s a plate full of Christmas cookies, a Thanksgiving feast, or a 4th of July BBQ, our holidays are defined by what we eat.  But for those who are watching what they eat because of health goals or sensitivities, enjoying food at these occasions can be challenging since most are prepared without any restrictions or limitations in mind.  Fortunately, with a little prior planning, you can still enjoy the festivities and not feel deprived! Continue reading for these tried and true tips:

Tip #1: If it applies – make weight maintenance your goal over the holidays rather than weight loss.  It is important to be realistic!

Tip #2: Alcoholic beverages can add up and lower your inhibitions, leading you to consume more- food and alcohol.  For every alcoholic drink you have, make sure to follow it with a glass of water.  Remember to hold back on sugary mixers like juice or soda.  Instead, opt for unsweetened versions of your favorite alcohol and flavor with lemon/lime and club soda.

Tip #3: Be wary of other high calorie holiday beverages such as eggnog and hot chocolate.

Tip #4: Concentrate on eating the healthy options first!  Load up on the veggie tray and you may just find that you aren’t craving those unhealthy options afterwards.

Tip #5: Resist the temptation to “taste” items.  If you don’t love it, don’t eat it!

Tip #6: Brush your teeth before you go to the party.  Having a clean mouth and minty fresh breath may curb your cravings!

Tip #7: Eat off of an appetizer sized plate to keep your portions in check.

Tip #8: Host the party.  When you do the cooking, you control the ingredients.  Just ask your guests to bring other items such as ice and beverages.

Tip #9: If you are a guest, bring a dish that you know you can enjoy.  This will usually be appreciated by the host and will suffice if there is little else that you are comfortable eating.

Tip #10: Eat before the party.  If you’re attending a function and are unsure if you’ll be able to eat the food, have a light meal before you go out and pack a small snack to get you through the evening in case you discover there’s nothing you’re comfortable eating.

Tip #11: Don’t stand next to the food.  Distancing yourself from the food table will keep temptation at bay and mindless eating to a minimum.

Tip #12: Sip on sparkling water. Holding a glass will keep your hands busy and the sparkling water will give you a feeling of fullness.

Tip #13: Lastly, keep up with your exercise routine!  This will keep you motivated and energized.

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