CSS/PreviMedica Launch In-House Wellness Competition

PreviMedica is excited to announce our in-house wellness competition for Cell Science Systems! In this initiative, we are combining efforts to provide our employees with a comprehensive wellness program that includes:

  • 16 weeks of individualized guidance from our PreviMedica team of health experts- nutritionists, exercise specialists and culinary advisors
  • Daily text and email support from an assigned navigator
  • Customized meal planning tools, recipes, and menus
  • Access to comprehensive library of educational resources through our online portal
  • Bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body fat, celullar integrity, and overall health
  • Optional lab testing provided by Cell Science Systems: Alcat test, Adrenal Stress Profile, GHP, Advanced Methyl Detox, and many more

To kick off the competition, PreviMedica hosted a luncheon and cooking demo for the participants. The cooking demo and delicious lunch were provided by our talented culinary advisors, who gave our participants tips on the best way to prepare their own salad dressing, how to massage kale (yes, we massage our kale around here), a unique recipe for cashew cream mac and cheese, and how to make the most amazing chocolate mousse with, wait for it…. avocado! Future blog posts by our culinary team will delve into the details of these recipes and many more.

The kick-off luncheon was well received, and everyone is excited to get started! Our Human Resources Assistant, Antoinette Sklar said of the event, “I am really excited and looking forward to working with you all in helping me reach my goal and keeping it off. Can’t wait for some new recipes!”

CSSKickOff (1 of 5)

CSSKickOff (3 of 5)

PreviMedica Culinary Advisors, Stefanie Cromwell and Megan Huard

CSSKickOff (4 of 5)

CSS employees sampling the offerings from the cooking demo

Follow along as our team reaches their health goals with the guidance and support of PreviMedica nutrition, exercise, and culinary experts! Since this is a healthy competition, we are focusing on more than just the number on the scale. The most improved participant will be the one who shows the biggest change in body fat percentage and the most improvement with phase angle and intra/extracellular water (more on this in a future post). We will be sharing individual participant journeys, a behind-the-scenes look at our experts, and many tips and tricks to help keep you on the right track during your own health journey. Stay tuned!

Whether you need guidance with weight management, blood glucose, decreasing inflammation, healing a leaky gut, increasing energy and focus, or just maintaining optimal health, PreviMedica can help you too! If you are interested in learning more about PreviMedica, please visit our homepage www.previmedica.com or call us at 855.773.8463.

Cell Science Systems Corp. is a specialty clinical laboratory that develops and performs laboratory testing in immunology and cell biology supporting the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic disease. The Alcat Food and Chemical Sensitivity Test has helped over half a million people change their health by identifying foods and other substances that trigger chronic inflammation.

PreviMedica, a sister company of Cell Science Systems, is a digital health membership that connects individuals to nutrition and lifestyle health practitioners through one-to-one video sessions and daily personal support. We are dedicated to helping you promote optimal health.


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