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Remember as children when we would play for hours: kick ball, tag, bike riding, baseball, basketball, swimming… The games we played were limited only to our imagination and we never perceived it as exercise. As adults, we tend to look at exercise as a strenuous chore we know we should do, but don’t particularly enjoy. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Fitness fads come and go, but if you make fitness fun, people will come! Think back to past trends such as: Wii Fit, Zumba, Hip Hop Dancing, and Aerial Yoga. Some of these are still popular because they feel like play versus and exercise routine.

One of these “fun” exercises is hula hooping! Hula Hooping classes have many different names and can be found at your local gyms. They are popping up all over the place and what a fun workout it is! Now this isn’t the hula hooping we did as children just standing in one place, rotating your hips (though this is still a good exercise) for a half an hour. These classes integrate moves that tone your entire body.

Basic moves you may encounter:

The basic move:


Standing with feet next to one another, shoulder width apart give the hoop a spin bracing your abs, stand up tall and rock your hips side to side to keep the hoop moving back and forth on the sides of your waist.

Split Stance:

1Standing with your left foot in front of the right, hold the hoop against your lower back, give the hoop a clockwise spin and spin your waist to keep the hoop parallel to the ground, while shifting your weight from the front to back leg, when you get tired switch your stance so the right foot is in front of the left and spin the hoop counterclockwise to begin.

Arm Circles:

5Grasp the hoop with your left hand and turning it clockwise using your hand to move/rotate the hoop in a back and forth motion so the hoop alternates between hitting your palm and the back of your hand, slowly bringing the hoop up over your head. Then repeat with using your left hand, moving the hoop in a clockwise direction. Tip: keep your thumbs pointing out so the hoop doesn’t slide down your forearm.

On the Move:


Begin in a split stance with left foot in front of right foot, begin spinning the hoop moving your hips to keep it parallel to the ground and take a small step forward with your right foot, alternate legs continuing to take small steps forward. The hoop will alternate hitting the front of your stepping foots hip. Feel adventurous? Try walking backwards starting by holding the hoop and pushing it against your lower back, move hips to keep the hoop parallel to the ground and take small steps backwards, alternating feet. Want more of a challenge? Begin with feet parallel to one another and spin the hoop pushing the hoop with the sides of your waist while taking small steps to the left and then repeat moving to the right.

The Body Circle:


Grasp the hoop in your left hand palms facing down and begin swinging the hoop clockwise while keeping it parallel to the ground. As you swing the hoop behind your back pass the hoop to the right hand to bring it back in front of your body. Continue passing the hoop from one hand to the other. When you get comfortable try adding squatting or lunging while passing the hoop around your body.

The Jump Rope:

hula jumping

Grasp the top of the hoola hoop and use it as a jump rope.

These moves are definitely not what we did as children but the routines are so much fun you will feel like a kid again and definitely not think you are exercising! There are so many different moves to learn so find a class at your local gym and start enjoying your exercise. The best part: hula hoops are inexpensive and once you get the hang of the moves you can do the routines at home. Or as we did as children, use your imagination and make up your own moves.

Other fairly new calorie burning classes you may find at your local gym that seem more like entertainment than exercise are:

SurfSet Classes: A full body workout which offers several different types of classes. Classes can focus on yoga, cardio, muscle building or all three. In these classes you paddle, jump, squat, all while balancing on an uneven surf board that is balanced on 3 stability balls.

Sky Robics Classes: A low impact class that incorporates calisthenics, core exercises and strength building. How is that fun you may ask? It is all done on trampolines! Jumping and rebounding also improves overall coordination, flexibility, timing, reaction, agility and balance.

Pound Drumming Classes: combine Pilates, isometrics, plyometrics and yoga based moves. Integrating drumsticks and drumming moves turns the class into a full body, cardiovascular, strengthening and sculpting workout.

Star Wars Classes: In this class you perform choreographed routine sword fights utilizing light sabers with a partner.

Michael Jackson Thriller Classes: In this class you learn and perform the moves of the Thriller video.

Regardless of what type of class you participate in, it’s all about learning to love exercise again. Have fun!

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