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PreviMedica is an expert led, online program that helps you reach your health goals. Whether you’re focused on losing weight, reducing your risk of disease, or managing an existing condition, PreviMedica can help get you there.

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Health focused

Many preventable health issues are strongly rooted in diet and lifestyle.

Backed by science

The program is based on the most current scientific understanding and decades of experience from a multidisciplinary team of health professionals.

Expert sessions

Our nutrition experts are skilled and dedicated to making each person successful with his/her plan.

What we can do for you

weight management
diabetes prevention
cardiovascular health
general health

Unlike most weight loss programs that impose unrealistic restrictions or offer only short term weight loss without concern for health or long term success, PreviMedica provides:

  • Expert guidance & support
  • Enabling healthy change to help prevent chronic issues
  • Health focus
  • Evidence based advice to promote lifelong body composition change.
  • No fads or gimmicks

Diabetes prevention is about making healthy lifestyle choices. Individuals are guided through key and measurable changes.

  • Track and monitor your progress
  • Certified Diabetes Educators
  • Key markers such as pre/post meal blood glucose, HbA1C, and eAG may be utilized to monitor your progress.
  • Enabling healthy change to reduce risk for short and long term complications

Dietary habits affect multiple CV risk factors such as blood pressure LDL, HDL, glucose levels, weight/obesity, inflammation, cardiac arrhythmias, endothelial cell function, triglyceride levels, lipoprotein levels and heart rate.

  • Reduce risk of the number one killer in the US with less medication
  • Emphasis on individualization
  • Track your biomarkers and risk reduction/assessment
  • Expert guidance and support from nutrition and exercise specialists

Prevention and management of chronic health issues, inflammation and accompanying symptoms may be accomplished by evidence based nutrition interventions.

  • Meal patterns meeting your individual needs
  • Specific food and ingredient offenders identified for patients when food allergy and food sensitivity test results are available.
  • Track symptoms and biomarker improvement

How we help you get there

  • Phase 1: Personalization, planning and goal setting.

  • Phase 2: Healthy change. Progress. Direction.

  • Phase 3: Maintaining progress and fully adopting the new, healthier you.

Expert Sessions

It's about a relationship for better health

Your nutrition expert assesses your nutrition goals, monitors and evaluates your progress, and teaches you how to make daily positive changes to improve your health for the long term.

One to one video sessions

Two one-hour sessions per month will give you the most personalized, understandble guidance.

Meet our team

From left to right: Brett Talenfeld, MS, RD | Megan Huard, RD | Tarah Marsden-Bruno, Team Leader | Idequiz Valdes, RD, LDN Eunice Holmes, RD, LDN

Daily feedback to keep you on track

Daily text message support and professional feedback

Reaching long term goals means making smart choices, daily. That's why you have a nutriton expert in your pocket to give you feedback on meals and motivate you to keep going.

Private online dashboard

Easily book and attend appointments while tracking your key health information.

Focused on long term, lasting success

Easily book and attend appointments while tracking your key health information.

Get program guide

Take on better health and a healthier weight with step by step support and guidance.

Client Feedback

"PreviMedica’s plan was the best thing I could have done for my health!" - Mandy, IL

"I am very thankful for the benefits that the program has given me."
- Carla, TX

"I already feel 100% better after 6 weeks of following the Plan!"
- Wendi, AL

"I continue to experience improvements in my overall health due to PreviMedica." – Caitlin, NY

"I have lost weight, have more energy and feel much better now. Everyone should do this program!" - Silvia, FL

"My PreviMedica nutritionist was amazing... I learned so much by working with her!" – Sarah, UT

"Changing my diet in such a drastic way could not have been done without my nutritionist." – Kelley, OH

Physician Feedback

"Modern research shows that 95% of all chronic disease including Type 2 diabetes, morbid obesity, atherosclerosis, GI disorders, skin diseases and the autoimmune diseases have a pathophysiologically important inflammatory component. Identifying the chronic inflammatory foods we eat, through testing, and avoiding them is both one of the easiest and most important things we can do to bring our bodies and ourselves back into a state of health. The Previmedica program does both for you."

Dr. David Blyweiss, MD.

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Daily feedback and support with email and text.

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