Meet Our Assistant Nutrition Manager: Eunice

March is National Nutrition Month and today, March 13th, is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day! To celebrate, we asked our assistant nutrition manager Eunice Holmes, RD, LDN to chat with us about what led her to a career in dietetics, her favorite nutrition topic, and of course-food!

Eunice Holmes has over 15 years of experience in the field of nutrition and has been part of the PreviMedica team since 2012. She is incredibly smart, funny, and the creative talent behind many of our PreviMedica resources. Eunice is always thinking of innovative ways to help us do our job more efficiently and we can’t thank her enough for it! We are extremely lucky to have her here.  Read more about her here:

Let’s get right to it: Did you always want to be an RD? Can you tell us more about when you decided that nutrition would be your career?

I had no idea you could even have a career in nutrition until I took a nutrition 101 class my freshman year of college! After that, I knew that talking about food was what I wanted to do, so I said goodbye to my interior design dreams (and all-nighters that I had to pull to get the homework done).

That discovery sounds a little too familiar!

So, talking about food to people, most of the time the conversation of changing their food options comes up. Changing eating habits (like most, if not all, change) can be quite challenging. How do you facilitate this process for your patients?

Well I don’t have too many opportunities to work with patients these days, but when I do, I just listen. Most people have already identified areas where change could happen, so that’s where we start. My job is to encourage and guide, not to give a long list of to-do’s. Many of the patients we work with are dealing with newly found food sensitivities, and that can be a big learning curve, but even then we take it step by step and look for solutions along the way. 

A step-by-step gradual approach sounds more sensible than a long to-do list!

Nutrition is such a broad field and I can confidently say here at PreviMedica, we are very well versed in different areas of nutrition. Do you have a favorite nutrition topic/area you enjoy most learning about, reading about, or counseling on?

Gut health is pretty trendy right now, but it’s definitely one of my favorite topics to read about, specifically the research on how it is connected to so many other conditions. Luckily we have access to a lot of great resources here at work. There is so much to learn and new information comes out every day, so I just try to keep up!

A lot of wellness experts do say “good health starts in the gut!” It is definitely a very interesting topic!

So, I know you love to get Parker involved in the kitchen. This is always something we encourage parents doing especially when their child is a selective eater. Do you have any advice or suggestions to any parents reading on how to get their kids more involved in the kitchen- whether their children are selective eaters or not? (Parker is Eunice’s 4 year-old adorable son)

My biggest piece of advice is to be willing to get messy. 🙂 Kids have those little uncoordinated fingers, so of course there are going to be spills and food all over the place. But I have seen time and time again that kids who get involved are MUCH more willing to try things, so it is definitely worth the mess. Some other tips: talk to them about what you will be doing beforehand (even if you think they are too little to understand); give them easy to cut items like bananas or mushrooms and let them use a butter knife; give them scraps to play with in a bowl while you do the complicated steps; play music while you cook (no particular reason other than it’s more fun that way).

Haha, getting messy can be fun-right? Thank you those were all great suggestions! Ok, now to some fun fact questions….

I know you’re a bit of a book worm, any good books you’ve read recently?

I loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. Anything my Samantha Irby is good for a laugh. I’m currently reading one of Janet Lansbury’s parenting books because… 4 year old.

I have to admit, I selfishly asked that question since I’m almost done with my current book!

I know you were a candy-holic as a kid (wait, I think you still are!)…tell us what is your favorite candy?

Ugh… I love sour candy. If you’ve never had Sour Gummy Lifesavers you don’t know what you’re missing. But you know… fruit is good too!

Haha,  after all, fruit IS nature’s candy!

Knowing you personally, I know your love for doughnuts and pizza. What is your go-to pizza and doughnut flavor?

Sadly, pizza is not worth it anymore due to my inferior enzymes, but I have been known to enjoy a simple pepperoni and mushroom combo. As for doughnuts, whenever I can find a French culler, I am happy.

YUM and YUM! So we would definitely be able to share either (with our digestive enzymes for support!)

Coffee or wine? Coffee. No, wine.

The right answer there would be coffee AND wine! You should know that is always a trick question.

Favorite outdoor activity? At the beach, with a book.

I think you are living in the right state for that perfect combo!

Thanks so much for chatting and sharing with us, Eunice! You are so greatly appreciated here at PreviMedica and we are so lucky to have you on our team! And Happy Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day to our fellow nutrition professionals!

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