Meet Your PreviMedica Culinary Advisor: Stefanie

Our culinary advisors are the perfect resource if you are looking to expand your cooking knowledge or learn some new skills in the kitchen. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of the culinary advisors on our team: Stefanie!

PreviMedica culinary advisor- Stefanie

Stefanie has been with PreviMedica since 2014. She is amazingly talented, a hard worker, and truly a joy to be around! And we are not just saying that to be the first in line to sample new recipes. (Although…) You can read more about her professional journey to PreviMedica here. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview her for our blog, and here is what she had to say:

Hi Stefanie! Thank you for meeting with us today. We’re excited to chat about your role with PreviMedica and find out more about the program. Let’s dig in! (Get it? Because you’re a chef?)

Our video from earlier this week described the PreviMedica culinary program, but some readers may still have questions about what the culinary team can offer them. It is a pretty unique program after all. Could you explain to us in layman’s terms what a patient can expect when meeting with a culinary advisor?

A patient can expect to meet a rock star chef! Haha! Of course that’s true, but they can expect so much more.  When we meet with our clients, we really dive into the details of their cooking habits and their own goals.  We collaborate with their nutritionist and really try to lay things out for them so that they don’t feel so overwhelmed.  Usually this entails a lot of planning ahead, so we help organize these thoughts into doable actions.  We provide quick and easy ideas, solutions to recipe issues, substitution advice if they are avoiding food sensitivities…it’s really whatever the patient wants it to be!  That’s the beauty of these appointments.  They are structured around what the patient wants to talk about.  We will ALWAYS answer any questions that the client has no matter how big or small.  

Rock star, for sure! In addition to the appointments themselves, what other resources can they access to support what they are learning? And can they ask questions in between appointments? Because we would be those people who forget all our questions during the appointment.

We have so many resources that we have worked really hard on!  For example, we have plenty of cooking demonstration videos that you can watch in the portal – and we are constantly adding to the video library!  We also have a comprehensive Culinary Booklet that has tons of information that is essential to have on hand in the kitchen.  Those are just a few!  Of course we love when people contact us in between appointments with questions.  In fact, we have our own Nudge account, so you can feel free to ask quick questions when you think of them and you don’t have to set up an appointment!

The cooking demos look beautiful, by the way. We’re excited to start sharing those on social media!

Now your role here is probably quite different than what you used to do in your previous jobs as a chef. What do you miss most about being in a “traditional” kitchen setting and what is your favorite part about being a culinary advisor with Previ?

Thank you!  We are so excited to be able to provide those cooking demos and it keeps our cooking skills up to par being able to create them. Yes, this job is VERY different, but in a good way!  The thing I miss the most about cooking professionally is probably the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.  You are always moving around and doing something.  It can be such a high!  My favorite part about being a culinary advisor is teaching people.  I love answering questions that our clients have and having that sense of doing something good for someone at the end of the day.  And I also love that we have so many roles – we never get bored!  We teach, we cook, we make meal plans, we create recipes….it’s so much fun.

Let us take advantage of our time with you to ask a cooking question then! There are so many kitchen gadgets and utensils out there- garlic presses, apple corers, egg yolk separators; we could go on and on. What are the top three kitchen gadgets you think everyone should have? And what, in your opinion, is the worst one of them all?

Great question! I am not a huge fan of most kitchen gadgets, but I would say my top three that are incredibly convenient are: a spiralizer, a mandolin (to get those super thin slices), and I do love my gravy separator only because I hate skimming.  I don’t think I can choose only one gadget that is the most useless, but a garlic press and an onion chopper are up there.  As long as you have a knife, it is so much faster to just learn how to do it properly.  I promise you will spend more time cleaning those gadgets than you EVER would actually chopping them by hand!

Spiralizers are the best! Good to know that we have your stamp of approval.

Now that we know all about what you do for Previ, let’s talk more about you! What are the five must haves in your fridge/pantry?

1) Eggs (you can do so much with them!),

2) Mixed greens (a salad is a great throw together meal when you don’t have time to make lunch!),

3) Almond milk coffee creamer,

4) Canyon Bake House gluten free bread (because they have the BEST GF bread),

5) and of course…wine!

Our group sure does love their wine!

More food questions- what is the absolute best thing you have eaten lately?

Well we don’t go out much anymore since having a baby, and last weekend we decided to cook a five star meal at home.  One of the dishes we made was ceviche with fresh snapper and scallops.  It was INCREDIBLE.  You simply cannot beat the flavors of fresh seafood with the tang of lime and cilantro – and the heat of the fresh jalapeno!  Yummy!  It’s so refreshing that the best things in life are usually quite simple!

Deeeeelicious! The ceviche sounds good, but mostly we’re referring to that delicious baby of yours. Gah.

Speaking of kids, we always like to ask, what was your favorite food as a kid?

He is delicious, isn’t he!? I have always been a very adventurous eater and the same goes for when I was a kid.  I had escargot when I was 8!  As boring as it is I can honestly say I really didn’t have a favorite food…I just loved to eat!

Pretty sure we lived off of rice and Skittles when we were 8, so props to you and your parents for cultivating adventurous eating habits!  Time for the lightning round:

Coffee or tea?


Dog or cat?


Cake or pie?


Beach or mountains?


TV or book?


Baby feet or baby cheeks?

You’re going to make me choose between baby and feet and cheeks!?  Oooooh-kay.  CHEEKS!

Thanks, Stefanie! That last one was a trick question because the answer is most definitely BOTH. We’re looking forward to see what the culinary team has in store for us! 

If you are interested in learning how to cook or about specific cooking concepts or techniques, we would love to help! Schedule a video appointment with a PreviMedica Culinary Advisor by calling 855.773.8463 or emailing


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