Stefanie Cromwell

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"One ship drives east and another drives west, with the self same winds that blow; 'tis the set of the sails and not the gales that tells them the way to go. Like the winds of the sea are the winds of fate as we voyage along through life; 'tis the set of the soul that decides its goal and not the calm or strife."

-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  • Job Title Meal Planner
  • Degrees/Credentials B.S. Public Health Education, Chef
  • Place of Birth Columbus, Ohio
  • Favorite Food Any kind of sushi!
  • Hobbies/Special Talents I am good at picking things up with my toes!
  • Fun Fact I rode horses competitively throughout my life and into my mid 20's; and for a few years after college I trained horses and taught horseback riding lessons to kids. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

Stefanie Cromwell

Stefanie Cromwell joins the PreviMedica team after leaving the culinary world as a chef for The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach and Devonshire at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens. Her knowledge of the culinary arts, recipes, and food combinations is extensive. She has a passion for finding new and exciting ways to make healthy food fun and delicious, not only for herself, but for friends, family, and anyone willing to try new things and learn how to eat right.

Stefanie knows the overall benefits of not only great nutrition, but of physical fitness as well. She enjoys physical training and has participated and placed in fitness competitions over the past few years. She has taken her love of cooking and combined it with her love of nutrition and fitness to help others reach their goals of healthy living. She knows, from personal experience, the benefits of PreviMedica and all that it has to offer.

Stefanie is from Raleigh, North Carolina and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; additionally earning her degree in Culinary Arts from Lincoln Culinary Institute. She has been living in South Florida for the past five years. When not working and helping others at PreviMedica, Stefanie loves all things outdoors including horseback riding, running, exercising, kayaking, anything to do with the ocean, and of course, cooking at home for friends and family.

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