PreviMedica and Nudge

We’re excited to tell you more about our partnership with the health and fitness tracking app, Nudge! The PreviMedica team works closely with Nudge to keep track of patient progress. Nudge makes it easy for us to manage that progress by organizing data from the leading health tracking apps and devices and also by providing a way for users to track other healthy habits.

As part of our PreviMedica membership, all patients are paired with a Navigator with whom they can communicate daily should they have questions or concerns. Our Navigators customize each patient’s Nudge app so that they can track the lifestyle habits that are most important to them. For example, if hydration is a struggle, this habit can be tracked daily through Nudge. Or if their goal is to eat more fruits and vegetables (a goal for most of us!), they can include their daily intake on the app. This information can then be accessed by their nutritionist for additional feedback and suggestions.

Our culinary team and exercise specialists are also available to patients through Nudge. Whether it’s a question about a recipe or if they want feedback based on their activity tracked through Nudge, they can easily access their advisors for additional help.

If you would like to use Nudge to track your healthy habits, it is available through iOS and Android. And if you’d like additional support on your path to a healthier lifestyle, connect with PreviMedica by going to the Coach tab and clicking I’m Interested!

Whether you need guidance with weight management, blood glucose, decreasing inflammation, healing a leaky gut, increasing energy and focus, or just maintaining optimal health, PreviMedica can help you too! If you are interested in learning more about PreviMedica, please visit our homepage or call us at 855.773.8463.

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