Get Cooking With Your PreviMedica Culinary Advisor

Are you ready to join us in creating a healthier you? PreviMedica provides nutrition and lifestyle counseling through video conferencing and our online services. Our team of registered dietitians/nutritionists, professional chefs, exercise specialists, and a patient navigator all work together to create a program personalized for your health goals.

One of the unique features of our program is the opportunity to meet with our Culinary Team.  Trained professional chefs support your nutritionist’s plan by sharing easy, practical cooking tips that will make following the nutrition plan doable and realistic.  You will also have access to a library of cooking demonstrations, instructional videos and a comprehensive culinary “how to”  booklet.  Let’s face it, we all have hectic schedules and struggle to find time to devote to cooking and meal prep for a healthier lifestyle.  Your culinary advisor will take the time to ensure you feel confident and not overwhelmed with achieving your goals. Click on the video above to learn more about our PreviMedica Culinary Advisor!

Whether you need guidance with weight management, blood glucose, decreasing inflammation, healing a leaky gut, increasing energy and focus, or just maintaining optimal health, PreviMedica can help you! If you are interested in learning more about PreviMedica, please visit our homepage or call us at 855.773.8463.



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