Meet Your PreviMedica Exercise Specialist: Shawn

When you enroll with PreviMedica, you have the option of meeting with one of our exercise specialists. Together you will design a workout program tailored to your fitness level, goals, and interests. To learn more about the program, today we are chatting with our very own exercise specialist, Shawn!


Shawn has been with PreviMedica for just over a year and has led the design and implementation of our fitness program. She wins the contest for coolest office space and gets to come to work in sneakers every day. Living the life!

Hi Shawn! Thank you so much for chatting with us today. We have to say, your job as exercise specialist is one of the more unique roles here at PreviMedica. Meeting with a nutritionist through video conference is one thing, but doing an exercise session over video is a totally different ballgame! Tell us, what are the advantages to the client when meeting with you this way?

Hi Eunice, I am very excited to speak about the fitness program offered at PreviMedica.

The number one advantage to clients is accessibility. All a client needs is a laptop, space to back away from the computer, and enough clear floor space to perform a straight legged plank.

After a thorough assessment, a program is designed based on the clients’ preferences, also taking into consideration: exercise likes and dislikes, where one chooses to workout, available equipment, previous exercise experiences and individual goals.This allows our clients’ to receive the same exclusive programming one would receive when hiring an in home personal trainer.

Another benefit to participating in this program is the ability to take part from the comfort of your home.  No longer does working out at home mean popping in a mass produced DVD that doesn’t consider a person’s current fitness level. This often leads to injury, lack of results, frustration and ultimately quitting the program feeling as if one has failed and no exercise program will work.

Very cool! We can imagine that, for your clients, having their appointments with you from home also make things more comfortable. The gym can be an intimidating place, especially when you are first starting out! 

You mentioned doing an assessment for each client. What exactly does this entail? 

We pride ourselves in the fact that the fitness program we offer is 100% personalized.  Every plan is developed based on each individual’s current fitness level. To ensure we devise a safe and effective program an in-depth assessment which considers past injuries, postural dysfunctions, movement impairment syndromes, dynamic malalignments and altered muscle activation patterns is conducted.

There are many reasons people develop movement dysfunctions and inevitably they lead to altered mechanics and cumulative injuries. By providing our participants with a thorough movement assessment we can correct faulty patterns and help prevent future injuries. This also allows us to advance our programming in a tailored way ensuring clients have a strong foundation and understanding of correct exercise form, before progressing to more intensive fitness routines.

I’m sure you are thinking “this has to be a tedious, time consuming process”. Fortunately, all of the assessments performed take minimal time, while still allowing our exercise specialists to get a complete picture of where each client can safely begin their fitness journey.

I’ve seen you in action and it’s really interesting to watch you assess and talk your clients through the program. Definitely something that I think would be beneficial for all of our clients to experience. With the technology aspect of it, are there any challenges that you’ve had to work through?

The biggest challenge I have found working with clients via video versus in person is the constant unknown. Whether it is finding the correct camera angle or an enthusiastic exercise loving pet, every appointment is a new and exciting challenge! This has definitely enhanced my ability to “think outside of the box” in order to design personalized programs for every client.

Hmmm we could be on to something there… Maybe an exercising with your pet series! Only half kidding. 

Some of your clients may not be aware, but aside from being an exercise specialist, you are also a registered dietitian AND a chef. A bit of an overachiever, huh? 🙂

Tell us the story of how you got all those letters after your name. Which came first? Why did you decide to do all three?

Yes, I am an exercise specialist, Registered Dietitian, and a professional chef. I love all three disciplines. Each offers a different focus which I enjoy. Combining exercise and dietetics allow me to express my scientific side, while chefing allows me to express my artistic side.

I began my educational journey pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University this degree seemed to combine both the scientific and artistic aspects I enjoy. Upon completing my degree, I pursued my Registered Dietitian licensure. While utilizing both these disciplines I had clients’ asking about exercise so I decided to pursue Personal Training and then additionally Corrective Exercise. My licensure in these professions allows me to provide clients with a whole mind body approach to health and wellness which I strongly believe in. Ultimately, each of these occupations is about helping people become healthier and happier and that is why I love my job.

Yes! It’s amazing to see how those three disciplines come together to support and encourage our clients. I know that you are mostly focused on exercise as part of our PreviMedica team, but being able to offer all three of those services within our program is really an advantage to the patient.  

Moving on.. people are always curious to know how experts in different fields lead their own lives. For example, what does a dietitian eat? Or what is a chef’s favorite meal to cook? Along those lines, as an exercise specialist, what kind of exercise do you enjoy the most? 

That is very true often people assume dietitians eat only healthy foods, chefs eat only exotic foods, and personal trainers lift weights for hours.  As an exercise specialist, I often train people very early in the morning. Nobody wants a tired coach, so I must work out before I train to wake up and get my blood pumping. That is why quick high intensity training is my favorite. Minute drills or Tabata style training gets the job done offers as much variety as your imagination can provide and never gets boring. I am not a person who can run on a treadmill for an hour I find it too boring. Living in Florida I also love running on the beach or swimming (often with my dog), bike riding, rollerblading, really any outdoor activity.

We are also big fans of HIIT! Looking forward to seeing more of your quick workout plans on our Facebook page and blog. 

Well this being a team of nutrition nerds, you know that we have to ask about food. Let’s throw it back to when you were growing up, what was your favorite food as a kid?

Hmmm favorite food…. That is difficult. I grew up with a mother who was a fantastic cook and would make everything from comfort food to Classical French, picnics in the park to dinner parties. I loved all her food. Which is why, at age 7 I decided I could make rice pudding. Unfortunately I did not understand the term “water bath”-to put ramekins in shallow water to promote even heating- so I proceeded to pour the rice pudding into the pan of water and basically made rice pudding soup. It was a rough start to my culinary career!

Hilarious! It seems to be that many of us come from families of foodies. Must be why we ended up here! 

Absolute best meal you have had recently? 

Ceviche made by a Peruvian woman -it was spicy, slightly sweet, sour and slightly bitter –perfectly balanced and every ingredient was the epitome of freshness. DELICIOUS! That complimented by grilled peaches with a dollop of homemade mascarpone and a drizzle of reduced aged fig and balsamic reduction. YUM….you are making me hungry!

Um, remind us to find out where you got ceviche and those fancy peaches later. Time for the lightning round:

Spicy or mild? 

Spicier the better

Coffee or tea? 

Coffee in AM herbal tea at night

Beach or mountains? 


TV or book?  


When working out: music or silence? 

Music -unless outside then I enjoy the peacefulness of nature. 

Pirate or ninja? 


Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Shawn! Ninjas are more fit and all, so I can see why you chose them. 

No dog or cat question?

Oh, we assumed you would say dog since you mentioned your dog twice up there. But ok… cat or dog?

I ride the fence- prefer dogs but all the cats I’ve had as companions to my dogs have acted like dogs. So, hard to say… Don’t say anything. I might get beat up! That’s like saying you like Yankees and Red Sox.

Oh no worries… We won’t tell!

If you are interested in learning more about our exercise program and how it can complement your nutrition plan, please contact us at 855.773.8463 or email us at

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