PreviMedica’s Guide to Gluten Free Grains

Gluten free is becoming a way of life for many due to an increased awareness and modern day testing. Those who are avoiding gluten are looking for ways of making delicious food without the concern of gluten, and using grains that are naturally gluten free is the answer.  Most of the grains and seeds that are becoming so prevalent have been around for thousands of years, yet they are only now becoming popular in the United States.  For example, millet has mostly been known as the main ingredient in birdseed – but did you know that it is a gluten free grain that you can cook and eat just like rice?  Read on to learn more about each gluten free grain that you are likely seeing on your grocery store shelves.




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Stefanie Gates, chef, is a regular contributor to our blog and culinary advisor for PreviMedica. She enjoys developing recipes and creating cooking videos to share with our readers, as well as working one-on-one with our clients to teach them valuable cooking skills. Her main recipe tester is her 2 year old son.  You can learn more about her here.

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