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PreviMedica Nutrition Services - Family Meal Planning Tools Add On Charge


Do you have more than one person in your household trying to implement Alcat test results and/or other dietary restrictions? If so, you may find our Family Meal Planning Add-On option helpful. It will combine all of your food sensitivities and/or dietary restrictions into one booklet that contains all of our meal planning resources. 

For each additional person, please add this to your cart along with the meal planning tools and write the names of the additional family members in the order notes section.

Please note: Family booklets may include the Alcat Test results/dietary preferences for a maximum of three people.

Keep in mind that we will include all mild sensitivities in the booklet in order to provide as much variety as possible.  

Upon completing your order, you will receive an email with a link to complete your preferences for your household.

*If ordered for an Alcat test:                                                                                                     ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ALCAT FOOD TEST PANELS OF 150 FOODS OR MORE

Please take a look at this video which describes these resources: Meal Planning Services Video.

Once your order is submitted, please check your email for a form to tell us what you prefer in order to customize your meal planning tool booklet.