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PreviMedica Nutrition Services - Meal Planning Tools


Putting a new nutrition care plan into practice can be challenging. Customized meal planning tools created exclusively for you, can help simplify your everyday choices.

Meal Planning Tools
Meal planning tools are individualized and generated using the Alcat Food Sensitivity Test results*  and/or other dietary restrictions you may have. No moderately or severely reactive foods are included in these tools. Whether or not to include mildly reactive foods is up to you and your nutrition advisor.


The meal planning tools include a Quick Start Guide, Staple Builder, Builder Recipes, Product Recommendations, menu ideas, and tips for adhering to a rotation plan.

The Quick Start Guide helps assemble meals and snacks, even while on the go. Non-reactive and/or preferred foods are categorized according to the highest macronutrient content - carbohydrate, protein, and fat. You may use this as a shopping list as well as a quick way to put together balanced meals and snacks by choosing foods from each list every time you eat. Mildly reactive foods, if included, are designated by a caution sign.

The Staple Builder provides suggestions for staple foods—flours, sweeteners, spices, spreads, and more—to keep on hand in the kitchen for use in recipes.

The Builder Recipes are a collection of “build  your own” recipes using only “permitted” foods and ingredients. Whether adhering to a rotation type meal pattern or not, the possibilities of combinations within these recipes are limitless.

Product Recommendations are also provided  for you. When possible, a recommendation is given for each of the six categories selected by you, to replace commonly used items. We do the research so that you don’t have to!

Once your order is submitted, please check your email for a form to tell us what you prefer in order to customize your meal planning tool booklet.