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1) Choose Your Test

Select the functional nutrition test that best fits your needs. Have your blood drawn at a lab or at home.

2) Receive Your Results

A digital copy of your test results will be sent to you via secure email. Complete your Health Questionnaire forms on our patient portal.

3) Meet With A Nutritionist

Your PreviMedica nutritionist will provide individualized nutrition guidance based on your test results and needs.

4) Become a Healthier You!

You are unique. With PreviMedica’s testing options and nutrition guidance you can now nourish your body uniquely too.

Functional Nutrition Testing

We don't guess. We test! Functional nutrition testing can help you to identify your individual food triggers, nutrient insufficiencies, or genetic factors that could be contributing to your symptoms. 

Get Tested

Nutrition Counseling

Order an Alcat Food Sensitivity Test of 150 foods or more and receive a complimentary 1-month membership, which includes two consultations with a PreviMedica nutritionist.

Not ready for testing? No problem! We provide nutrition therapy for medical conditions, weight management, and more. Having the support of a caring professional that is committed to your health and wellbeing makes all the difference.

Work With Us

Meal Planning

To support our nutrition recommendations, we offer meal planning resources, such as our Meal Planning Tools booklet and Sensitivity-Friendly Menu. Each can be tailored to your health goals, test results (if applicable), and preferences.

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Why PreviMedica?

You're unique. Your nutrition plan should be too.

Each member of our nutrition team is trained in functional nutrition and lifestyle strategies to guide you to optimal health.  Rather than use a “one size fits all” approach, we utilize advanced lab testing to help identify root causes of your health issues and personalize a nutrition plan that not only meets your unique needs, but is as realistic as possible for you to implement.

Client Feedback

The crew at Previmedica are tops in my book. The nutritionist Natali took her time with me, personalized a plan to obtain sensitivity free supplements and foods. Overall I am extremely happy with the staff and services they provided.

I highly recommend the Alcat test to anyone suffering from inflammation, as well as other diagnosed symptoms/diseases that are inflammatory in nature. This is absolutely the best thing I have ever done.

We highly valued our complimentary 1-month and are very appreciative of and grateful for Basilia's warm nature, matter-of-fact guidance, deep knowledge, quick and thorough responses and overall attentiveness...

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