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Methyl Detox Profile


Personalize dietary and nutritional supplementation based on your genetic profile.   

The Methyl Detox Profile tests critical genes in the methylation pathway. The methylation pathway is the major part of detoxification and the metabolic cycle. More than 50% of people are affected by genetic variations in the methylation pathway.1-3 This profile enables you to intelligently use nutritional supplementation based on your genetics. The Methyl Detox Profile gives comprehensive insights into the functional status of 3 major genes associated with the methionine/homocysteine cycle.

Go beyond standard MTHFR genotyping

Standard MTHFR genotyping only evaluates folic acid metabolism. Scientific research reveals that a variety of genes are involved in maintaining methionine/homocysteine balance (methylation potential). Genetic polymorphisms in these important genes influence your methylation potential. Individual methylation is monitored using homocysteine levels. Important SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) are included to evaluate your ability to methylate toxins so they can more readily be removed from the body.

The Methyl Detox Profile expands on MTHFR genotyping, giving you a more complete picture of your body’s detoxification abilities. The Methyl Detox profile includes smart commentaries, detailing recommended nutrients based on your genetics.

Who may benefit from this test?

  • Cardiovascular Diseases such as Hypertension, coronary artery disease, stroke 4-10
  • Neurological Disorders such as depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, insomnia 7, 10-17
  • Metabolic Conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, kidney diseases, reduced ability to metabolize medications, multiple chemical sensitivity 10, 18-21
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders such as osteoporosis (in patients with Parkinson’s disease) 10, 22
  • Eye Diseases such as macular degeneration 23, 24
  • Cancer such as colorectal, breast 1, 10, 25

Test results

Test results include smart commentaries created by clinicians and scientists. Smart commentaries include personalized recommendations for diet and nutritional supplementation.

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If you order the Methyl Detox Profile plus Homocysteine, this will require a blood draw.