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Educational Session For Patients


This meeting is an educational tool designed to enhance understanding of your test results for successful implementation of the recommendations.

  • Ensure you understand your test results
  • Learn what your results mean for your life
  • Receive general nutrition advice based on your results

What's included

  • General educational review of test
  • Food elimination considerations and suggestions for substitutions, if applicable
  • Answers to your test-related questions

*The review does not include individualized clinical guidance or medical diagnosis.


We know that circumstances make it challenging when committing to making a lifestyle change, but be aware that the immune system is a dynamic system in the body and that sensitivity to foods or nutrient insufficiencies may change over time. We encourage you to schedule your educational session as soon as possible to gain the most benefit from following the results.

Please be aware, for those patients ordering the CSS testing through another practitioner besides PreviMedica: This is a service we offer to healthcare practitioners who prefer for us to provide the educational session on their behalf. Other healthcare practitioners prefer to provide the review of test results with their patients themselves. We do require practitioners to communicate their preferences to us. If we do not have your practitioner’s preference on file, we will request it when we receive your order. Note that this may delay the scheduling of your session beyond the 2 business days stated above.